About Us

Available quality workforce is dwindling. We give you access to candidates who never hit the job market.

Our TRUE FIT recruiting process and our secret stash of candidates results in a 3:1 hire ratio. For every three interviews we set up for our clients, there is one hire. There’s no need to keep paying for the cost of that empty chair. Call us today to learn more about our award-winning services, our TRUE FIT recruiting process, and our confidential candidates.

We advance your business and are key partners in your revenue growth. Here are some benefits you’ll enjoy when you work with Precision Staffing:

Proven Turnover Cost Reduction

Because we have 35 years of tracking over 200,000 people in Kentucky, candidates can’t reinvent themselves or their resumes with us. This saves the cost of investing in someone and then having to fire and rehire. That could take you months. Our TRUE FIT reduces turnover.

Better People

Some job seekers sacrifice honesty to tailor their answers to fit what they think you want for the position. Since we keep your name anonymous, we uncover hidden agendas and identify traits that would ultimately cause a person to fail in the position.

Secret Job Seekers

Currently employed, talented individuals register with us daily to have us be their confidential eyes and ears. We have access to secret candidates who aren’t on the job market. You can only have access to them by working with us.


You don’t have time to hire when you have so many other jobs to do to keep your business afloat. You are busy doing your job, the job of the individual who has left, and now you have to do the job of hiring. We allow you to focus on what you need to do.

Hiring Costs

If you compare our rate to the cost of running an ad, screening calls, screening resumes, interviewing, and testing, our rate is typically a cost savings to you.

Replacement Guarantee

We are so confident in our TRUE FIT process we guarantee our services.

Speed and Expertise

Our expertise in staffing means we know where to find the best employees. We don’t have to start from square one as we have qualified applicants interviewing with us weekly. We can typically cut the hire time in half and deliver top-notch employees.

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