COVID-19 & Manufacturing – Immediate Best Practices


The Society of Human Resource Management in conjunction with the National Association of Manufacturers provided a useful webcast regarding best practices in Manufacturing and Distribution amid COVID-19. This webcast is now on-demand (link below).

Here are some important insights addressed in the webcast:

-How do you maintain privacy of an exposed person yet still address the threat?

-Can employees refuse to come to work if they fear exposure?  It is important to stay flexible on discipline and attendance in these matters for future liability reasons.

Temperature checks ARE permissible according to the EEOC with asymptomatic employees but individual taking temperature readings must be in proper PPE

-OSHA has been very unclear about recordables and reportables concerning COVID-19 as there is a difficulty determining if its work-related (how do you know if they contracted it at work?). Stay tuned for updates from OSHA

Please contact Leslie Moody at Precision Staffing if you have any questions about the latest recommendations for Best Practices in the Workplace amid COVID-19.



What are some immediate steps that manufacturers are taking to attempt to limit the spread of COVID-19 and its fallout? How are precautions such as self-quarantines and school closures impacting manufacturers? In this joint presentation from the Society for Human Resource Management and the National Association of Manufacturers, you will learn about adjustments manufacturers must make to the limitations on their labor force, and understand more about the legal obligations impacting pay, time off and other HR issues.

On Demand Webcast Link:


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